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LAGBRAU — Legacy Annual Bike Ride Across Utah

Location: Moab, Utah

Description: Join the Legacy Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Utah which starts in Moab and ends in Cedar City. The LAGBRAU™ has evolved into a 10-day bicycle ride, considered by many to be “the most scenic bike ride in the world.” In the beginning, it started as a 7-day ride through some of the most amazing terrain you have ever witnessed, including 3 national parks. Steve and Carol from Texas called it “the best of the best,” and David from Florida said, “it was the ride of a lifetime!”

After a few years, a 3-day option was added, including 2 more unique national parks and one of the most unbelievable state parks you have ever seen. In 2010, a few signed up for the 3-day option, some signed up for the 7-day option, and over 60% of our participants signed up for all 10 days of this unforgettable and very incredible bicycle adventure. The 10-day route includes riding and hiking in up to 5 distinct national parks, 5 amazing state parks (some ranked very high nationally), 2 national monuments, and a number of national forests and ancient Native American ruins.

Depending on which option you choose, the route will be 152 miles in 3 days, 394 miles in 7 days, or 546 miles in 10 days.

Route: Ride from Moab to Cedar City and see some of the most amazing scenery in the world! For details, please visit

Start of the ride: 2012-08-30
End of the ride: 2012-09-08

More Details: here