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Bear Pa Challenge 2010

Location: Garden City, Utah

Description: The BearPa Challenge is a 200 mile charity cycling event from Bear Lake, UT to Park City, UT. It rides through a corner of Wyoming then up through the beautiful Uinta Mountains. From Bear Lake to Park City, the ride shows off some of the most scenic terrain in Utah. The new 2-day format features back to back centuries, from Bear Lake to Evanston (Day 1), then on to Park City (Day 2).

This ride is fully supported with fully stocked rest stops, on-course mechanical and medical aid, gear transportation, lunches, and a free end of ride BBQ for the rider (guests can eat for just $5/plate). The end of ride celebration includes the delicious BBQ, a prize giveaway, a fund raising raffle, and a short award ceremony for this year’s donation recipients—very cool!

Hosted by Think Outside Children’s Charity, this ride has become a fun and successful annual fund raising event for local children in need of health care and treatments. Riders qualify to ride by raising at least $150. Your 2010 BearPa Challenge ride jersey is FREE if you raise $500 or more for the cause.
* 100% of the ride donations go to charity.

We limit the number of riders to provide an awesome ride experience, so register soon!

Start of the ride: 2010-08-13
End of the ride: 2010-08-14

More Details: here

Moonshadows in Moab

Location: Moab, Utah

Description: An unforgettable sunset into moonlight experience
Watch the full moon rise briskly above the La Sal mountains; take in the sweet sage of the desert as you make your way to the Earth’s edge overlooking the Colorado River two thousand feet below.

Route: Enjoy this fully supported 44 mile ride by the light of the full moon. As you gain 2700 feet in climbing elevation the full moon rises casting a silvery glow throughout the vastness of Canyonlands National Park. Arrive at Dead Horse Point State Park for a light dinner at the Moonshadows Café. Drink in the ambiance at the most unique AID/food station you may ever visit. Enjoy a thrilling return to the Start/Finish area and tailgate with friends as you bask in the moonlight or head back into town for post-event revelry at Frankie D’s Saloon (live music by Mid-Life Crisis; open ’til 1am, a smoke free authentic Desert bar that is cycling attire friendly.)

Saturday morning – Ride like the Pros – Time Trial Event at 10am
Saturday afternoon – Rider Check-In, Aarchway Inn (host hotel), 4-7pm
Saturday evening – Route Opens 8pm-1am. Begin at Hwy 191 and Hwy 313 (don’t ride from town). Post event revelry at Frankie D’s Desert Saloon.
Sunday morning – Recovery Ride from Aarchway Inn for locally led group ride around Moab area. Not too early for you late sleepers—mid-morning or so.

Start of the ride: 2010-06-26
End of the ride: 2010-06-27

More Details: here

Moab Century Tour 2010

Location: Moab, Utah

Description: Moab Century Tour, Saturday, September 18, 2010 with Warm Up rides Friday and Recovery Ride Sunday.
All rides and events begin and end at Aarchway Inn

Choose Rolling or Climbing Routes.

Route: Saturday, September 18, 2010:
6:30 am – 9:00 am Rider Check-In at Aarchway Inn.
7:00 A.M. Group Start escorted by law enforcement

This route is designed for the rider who wishes to enjoy the splendor of the Colorado River and redrock canyons. The route takes you up scenic highway 128 on an out-and-back course. Be prepared for a surprise on your return to town as the view is different and fresh. Terrain is rolling with great social spinning.

The ROLLING 72 mile route— Rolling Classic:
This route follows the Colorado River Scenic Corridor passing by a Blue Heron Rookery, Red Cliffs Lodge, (the film location for several westerns and recent commericals and a Utah based wine vineyard), and Fisher Towers redrock spires. Turnaround is just past historic Dewey Bridge. This out and back route is beautiful with rolling terrain and moderate to high elevation gain.

CLIMBING ROUTES: METRIC CENTURY! The 65 mile climbing route—Climbing Classic:
You will head south through Moab gradually climbing through Spanish Valley before elevation begins to ascend for a challenging 3,000 foot climb in 7 miles, nicknamed The Big Nasty. Descend from the aspen lined mountains into the redrock desert of Castle Valley for fast spinning before turning down river on final leg back to Moab.

100 Mile Route—The Ultimate/CLIMBING
Following the Climbing 65 mile route over the LaSal Loop with the infamous Big Nasty section, this tour offers the strong rider an option of additional miles at the completion of the descent from the mountains through Castle Valley. The Century option spur travels up the canyon along the Colorado River passing the whimsical rock formation of Fisher Towers over the Colorado River and just a few miles past the historic Dewey Bridge for the turnaround. Terrain here is rolling hills with a few short climbs; moderate grades. As with most landscape in the Moab area, the scenic look and feel is quite different when traveling from different directions.

Sunday, September 19, 2010:
10:00 AM – Recovery Ride – supported with water and snacks. Easy 30’ish mile recovery ride will start from Aarchway Inn.

Start of the ride: 2010-09-17
End of the ride: 2010-09-19

More Details: here


Location: Moab, Utah

Description: Legacy Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Utah. 3-day, 7-day, and 10-day options through up to 5 of Utah’s
National Parks, 4 amazing state parks, 2 national monuments, and a number of national forests and ancient Indian ruins.

Route: Moab to Cedar City.

Start of the ride: 2010-08-26
End of the ride: 2010-09-04

More Details: here

Salt Lake Challenge 2010

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Description: Join the fun and take the CHALLENGE!

This exciting ride is unlike any other you have ridden. First of all this is a team event! So grab your friend, partner, son, or daughter and prepare together. Second there is no set course! We will tell you where you need to stop, but how you get there is up to you as long as you stay on the roads. There will be some roads you will not be allowed to use. Third there will be some secret stops you will learn about along the way! And Fourth at each stop you and your partner will need to conquer a unique, fun, and whacky challenge!

This ride can best be described as a scavenger hunt on wheels; but instead of collecting things you will do fun challenges.

Help Support Bike Education and Youth Cycling — B2B 4 Kids & the Salt Lake Bike Collective are non-profit organizations that both work with our youth & offer bike education to kids of all ages. B2B 4 Kids supports youth cycling clubs to encourage an active & fun cycling lifestyle plus educational & cultural opportunities through cycle touring. The Collective also offers bike repair classes to all & bikes to those in need.

The Details

Teams — This is a team event. Teams consist of two (2) riders. You may register as a Male, Female, Mixed, Youth, or Family team. Adults are 18 years old or older, Youth are less than 18, and Family is one adult at least 21 and a youth.

Distance — There will be 2 different distances to choose from. You may choose a course between 12 and 18 miles, or between 35 and 50 miles. The exact distance will be dependent on your planning, the routes you choose, and your luck when you discover the secret stops. Everyone will start and finish from the same point at Liberty Park.

The “Course” — the “course” or stops will not be announced until midnight May 3rd. The only publicly known point before this date is the start/finish. This is part of the Challenge! Getting from one point to the next in the shortest distance or amount of time, OR getting to a
point with the fewest number of people so you will not be delayed in conquering your Challenge. There will be certain roads and streets that you will not be allowed to use, anyone seen riding on these roads will be subject to a time penalty or disqualification.

Secret Stops — There will be between 1 and 3 stops where you will be given a clue to a secret unannounced stop. If you do not hand in your clue at the secret stops you will be given a time penalty.

The Challenge — Each challenge will be unique and require a demonstration of your ability to have fun and be silly. Challenges should test your bike riding skills, dexterity, marksmanship, balance, and ingenuity. A few of the challenges you will face are:
– Jousting Tire Rolling
– Horse Racing Walking the Plank

All Challenges will be exciting and fun!

Safety — All riders must be aware of and observe the traffic laws of the state of Utah. The roadways during this event will not be closed to vehicular traffic. Riders observed not obeying the laws will be penalized. All riders are required to wear a helmet, and to ride single file, except for passing.

Waiver — All Riders will be required to sign a waver during check-in. No one may sign for another rider (except guardians).

Date: May 10, 2010

Time: Long distance begins at 8:00 and Short distance begins at 9:00 am

Place: Liberty Park 800 So 680 East Salt Lake City East side.

Registration & Check-in — Early registration is encouraged, however registration will be accepted up to the morning of the event. Check our web site for early Check-in locations and times.

Please Note: Registration fees are nonrefundable and we will ride regardless of weather.

Start of the ride: 2010-05-08

More Details: here

Heber Valley Century 2010

Location: Heber City, Utah

Description: Join us on Utah’s most beautiful bike ride through the scenic splendor of the Wasatch mountains. The dramatic autumn beauty of Heber Valley, picturesque Jordanelle, and Olympic venue Soldier Hollow will take your breath away. This spectacular adventure will challenge you and your friends. Enjoy the quiet roads and quaint villages on this timeless ride through the most scenic parts of Utah. The Heber Valley is the only Biathlon century in the USA. Help support Cancer Victims — $10 of every registration helps support Hess Cancer Foundation’s mission of offering aid to the families of juvenile victims of cancer and the expenses of internment. 100% of all additional donations go directly to the Hess Cancer Foundation.

What You Get— Your entry fee gets:
– Quality event Shirt
– 7 food and rest stops plus lunch
– On Road SAG support
– Equipment Drop Off & Pick-up
– A unique Event pin
– End of ride raffle with prizes worth 100’s of dollars
– A fun & satisfying day

Biathlon Option — Ten miles into the ride you have the rare opportunity to test your marksmanship at Olympic venue Soldier Hollow’s biathlon range. The professional staff will over see and coach you to test your skill with their Olympic quality air rifles. Kids & Family Ride— Join in the fun and only ride 25 miles. This loop ride circles the Heber Valley with awesome views and scenic splendor. Your are invited to join in the fun of the Biathlon Option at Soldier Hollow as well as visit beautiful Wasatch State Park. Participants in this option will not receive sox or lunch. Safety—All riders must be aware of and obey the traffic laws of the state of Utah. The roadways along the course of this event are rural roads but are not closed. Be prepared to share the road with vehicular traffic. Use proper hand signals for all turns and stops, for the safety of drivers and your fellow riders. All riders are required to wear a helmet, and to ride single file, except for passing. All riders must be off the roads by 4:30pm.

Equipment Drop Off — Each rider will be pro*vided with a bag at registration, suitable for equipment & clothing drop off. The first three rest stops will have someone to help you mark
your bag and see that it gets returned to the finish. B2B will not be responsible for lost
or stolen items.

Waiver — All Riders will be required to sign a waiver during check in. No one may sign for
another rider (except guardians).

Lodging — B2B has arranged with the local motels, B&B’s, & Lodges for special rates for our riders. Please check our website for a listing of prices & amenities. When making your reservations you must mention B2B to receive the special rates. Please make your reservations as early as possible.

Bailey’s Finish Line Bar-B-Q Celebration — Are you starving at the end of a ride? Need a protein boost? Join us for Bailey’s Bar-B-Q. You have your choice! Bar-B-Q’d steak, Chicken or veggie entree. In addtion there will be salads, beans, corn on the cob, and all the trimmings, plus some decadent desserts for a fantastic, finger lickin way to relax and enjoy new and old friends.

Date: September 25, 2010

Time: Registration 7:00 to 8:00 am Ride starts 8:00 am Must be on road by 9:00 am

Place: South Field Park 1000 West 100 South, Heber City Utah

Directions: I-80 to US 40 continue on to Heber City, Main St. to 100 So. turn right and go 10 blocks to Southfield Park. We’re where all the bikes are.

Registration & Check In — Early registration is encouraged, however registration will be accepted up to the morning of the event. Check in will be available Friday night at Brothers Bikes (502 N Main #D) from 5:30 to 8:30 pm and Sat. beginning 6:30 am at South Field Park.

Please Note: Registration fees are nonrefundable and we will ride regardless of weather.

Start of the ride: 2010-09-25

More Details: here

Buffalo Duo 2010

Location: Antelope Island, Utah

Description: Join the fun on scenic and historic Antelope Island at the Buffalo Duathlon that will allow you to enjoy the beauty and solitude of Antelope Island. You will have your choice of 2 different distances that will challenge your fitness at this early season duathalon. Run along the roads and trails of Antelope Island State Park in the company of Utah’s largest Buffalo herd, antelope, big horn sheep, deer & coyotes. You will have your choice of two different distances; Long 10k, 40k, 5k or Short 4mi, 10mi, 2mi.

Help support the families of juvenile victims of cancer. Hess Cancer Foundation mission is to offer aide to the families of juvenile cancer victims for funeral expenses.

Distances – Long Distance 10k run followed by a 40k ride followed by a final 5k run. Short Distance 4 mile ride followed by a 10 mile ride followed by a final 2 mile run

Starting Time – Registration and Check-in 7:30 am. Long Distance Start 8:30 am. Short Distance Start 9:30 am

Location – Antelope Island State Park

Directions – I-15 to Exit 332. Proceed West 7 miles to Park entrance.

Registration & Check-In – Early registration is encouraged, however registration will be accepted up to the morning of the event. Registration & Check-In will begin Saturday morning at 7:30 am. Early Check-In & Registration will be available Friday evening from 4:30 to 7:00 pm at Bountiful Bicycle (2482 So. Hwy 89 Bountiful)

Fees – Early Registration $45.00. Late Registration after March 31 $55.00

Safety – All participants will be required to share the road with motorists please exercise caution to protect yourself and others. All participants will be required to wear a helmet while riding their bikes

Waiver – All participants will be required to sign a waiver during check-in. No one may sign for another participant (except guardians).

Park Entry – The ranger at the Park entrance will have a list of all registered participants. Anyone in the vehicle that is not a registered participant will be required to pay a $3 entry fee. Any participants that have not pre-registered may check-in with a member of our staff where their name will be recorded and they will be allowed entry to register at the check-in center.

Start of the ride: 2010-04-10

More Details: here

Emigration to Morgan Tour

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Description: The Emigration to Morgan Tour, “The Charitable Migration”, is a ride benefiting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

You can choose from a 95 mile or a 47 mile ride.

Start Time: 7:30 a.m.

You can start anytime between 7:30 and 9 a.m. The official start time is 7:30 a.m. All participants are encouraged to be back at the start of the Tour by 5 p.m. Packet pick up will begin at 6 a.m. or from 5-9 p.m. on Friday at Donner Trail Park.

Donner Trail Park (East of Hogle Zoo)

There should be plenty of parking available yet carpooling is highly encouraged!

Required & Recommended Equipment:

* Helmets are required for all riders, No Helmet No Ride!
* Spare tube or patch kit are encouraged, along with needed tools
* Two water bottles or “water bladder”
* A road or mountain bike in GOOD working condition
* Clothing appropriate for the weather and riding conditions
* A fun and positive attitude!

Route: You start at Donner Trail Park (east of Hogle Zoo). Ride from Donner Trail Park through Emigration Canyon. Over East Canyon (Big Mountain). Around East Canyon Reservoir. Take a left at SR 66 towards Morgan. Follow SR 66 till you get to Morgan. Turn left about mile 38 soon there after turn Right on S 290 W St. Follow for about a mile. Turn Left on W Young St. turns into N Morgan Valley Dr. Follow N Morgan Valley Dr for about 8 miles. Turn around point is on W 4200 N.

Start of the ride: 2010-05-22
End of the ride: 2010-05-22

More Details: here