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Festivelo XV

Location: Charleston, South Carolina

Description: 11/7-11/11 – awesome rest stops, historic points of interest each day, four riding days, with three routes each day-short 15 +/-, med 50+/- , and long 100. camping, hotel or tent, movies, steamed oysters, beer, flat routes, great breakfast and dinners at Short Stay (all routes start and end at Short Stay)

Route: Each day we start at Short Stay in Moncks Corner, and end there. There are three routes each day-short 15 +/-, med 50+/., and long 100. We have an awesome lunch stop each day with historic points of interest. SAG is on course. Very well marked routes. End your season on a happy note, and meets some great folks that will become life long friends.

Start of the ride: 2012-11-08
End of the ride: 2012-11-11

More Details: here

Bulldog Grand Tour

Location: Provo, Utah

Description: This event is a fundraiser for Provo High School in Provo, Utah. Our School is 100 years old and in honor of that we are hosting a 100 mile bike ride along with other activities throughout the year to raise $100,000. We are also raising money for cancer research. Some very close individuals to us here at Provo High School are suffering with cancer and some have even been taken from us by cancer. We hope through our efforts this 100th anniversary we can benefit both our students and those struggling with cancer.

Route: 100, 50 or 20 miles routes leaving from Provo High School. The route then circles the Provo High School boundaries. For the 100 and 50 mile rides it then heads down through Springville over toward West Mountain. The 50 mile ride then returns to Provo High and the 100 mile heads around the West Mountain and then back to Provo High School. The map may be found on our website.

Start of the ride: 2012-08-25
End of the ride: 2012-08-25

More Details: here