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2012 Tour de Peninsula

Location: San Mateo, California

Description: WHAT: 2012 Tour de Peninsula presented by Raleigh Bicycles and Talbot’s Cyclery, recreational bicycle ride
WHEN: Sunday, August 5, 2012, rides start at 7:00 am and 8:00 am, kids at 12:00 noon.
WHERE: Start/finish at Eucalyptus Picnic Area, Coyote Point Park, San Mateo, California.
WHY: Enjoy a day of cycling and outdoor fun with family and friends. Proceeds benefit San Mateo County Parks Foundation and Bicycle Sunday–car free biking on Canada Road.

Event Information
The 2012 Tour de Peninsula offers Bay Area families a day of fun, fitness, and healthy family activities. Now in its 21st year, this ride is one of Northern California’s most fun recreational cycling events/family/social gatherings. Held in the scenic, mellow Coyote Point Park alongside the San Francisco Bay in San Mateo, the TdP is a perennial highlight of the Bay Area’s recreational social calendar. The TdP is a variety of great cycling routes designed for all levels, from young children and first time riders to serious cyclists. During and after the ride, a day of family fun activities takes place in the park, with a children’s playground, barbecuing, picnics, live music, and equally lively conversation. Proceeds benefit San Mateo County Parks Foundation and Bicycle Sunday — car free biking on Canada Road.

Route: 1. Kids/Family Route – 2-6 miles on bike trail in Coyote Point Park

2. Short Route – 20 miles

3. Long Route – 31 miles

4. Metric Century – 63 miles

Start of the ride: 2012-08-05
End of the ride: 2012-08-05

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Location: ROY, Utah

Description: Join us on a comfortable ride through Weber and Davis County in the prime of Utah’s diverse summer weather. Enjoy an exciting mixture of plains and hills throughout Northern Utah during this mid-summer ride. Test your legs, relax, and enjoy another amazing century.THIS RIDE IS FULLY SUPPORTED with lunch provided for the 103 and 73 mile routes. A finish line BBQ celebration will be provided for EVERY rider participating

Start of the ride: 2013-07-13
End of the ride: 2013-07-13

More Details: here