Monthly Archives: November 2008

Zion Country Early Spring Century

Location: Bloomington, Utah

Description: Enjoy the awesome beauty of southern Utah during this pre-spring ride. Leave the spinning rooms and the cold of winter behind and escape with us to Utah’s scenic Dixie. Get an early start on the season and enjoy the warmth of the south. Join us as we ride to the entrance of Zion National Park on a leisurely route that will allow you to get out on the road, test your legs, relax, and enjoy your first organized ride of the season.

Start of the ride: 2009-02-28

Start of registration: 2008-11-12
End of registration: 2009-02-27

More Details: here

Thanksgiving Day Cycle Camp @ 7:30 a.m.

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Description: Your Thursday 1 1/2 hour ride for Cycle Campers at the Sports Mall only

Route: There is only one workout on Thanksgiving day and this is it! There are 25 bikes so you will need to register to reserve a bike for this one ride. We are NOT switching to a reservation system…. it’s just for this ride!

Start of the ride: 2008-11-27
End of the ride: 2008-11-27

Start of registration: 2008-11-12
End of registration: 2008-11-26

More Details: here