BREW (Bicycle Ride Exploring Wisconsin)

Location: Blue Mound, Wisconsin

Description: This Shuttleguy operated tour is a Wisconsin craft beer tour named BREW that takes place in early August. BREW (Bicycle Ride Exploring Wisconsin) is a five-day Wisconsin bike tour that focuses on challenging bicycling in the scenic southwestern Wisconsin area, and puts an emphasis on trying craft beers, artisan cheeses, and local wines. This Wisconsin bike tour travels through charming small towns that are nestled in between picturesque scenery, with various quirky attractions and rare local attractions. BREW has the structure of a tour with relaxing free time blended in to create a unique Wisconsin craft beer tour. On this tour you are surrounded by a comfortable environment and serviced by a dedicated staff that is familiar with the area. This Wisconsin craft beer tour is the epitome of a beercation. After a morning of challenging riding, relax on this Wisconsin bike tour with tastings, brewery tours, and more craft beer than you’ll know what to do with! The emphasis of this tour is enjoyment, relaxation, gorgeous Wisconsin scenery, and, most importantly, craft beers. Camping domestique service is included in this tour, so all you have to focus on is experiencing this Wisconsin Craft Beer Bicycle Tour.

Route: A ride beginning in Blue Mound, WI that exploring the beauty of the driftless area, stopping at a local microbrewery each night to enjoy the delicious beers located in WI – a true beercation! For more route information:

Start of the ride: 2014-08-04
End of the ride: 2014-08-08

More Details: here