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Legacy Parkway Trail

Location: North Salt Lake/Farmington, Utah

Description: This is a new bike path constructed parallel to the new Legacy Parkway in North Salt Lake.

Comment: I really enjoy this route. Very relaxing and peaceful, notwithstanding it’s proximity to some heavy traffic. Virtually flat, with very little elevation gain/loss. Great track to get out and put on some miles. From the North Salt Lake trailhead at Center Street to the end of pavement at Farmington station and back is 23 miles.

Details: here

GRUB Fest 2009

Location: Minersville, Utah

Description: Imagine an entire 3 day weekend of fun on your bike! If you enjoy riding you need to join your friends at the GReat Utah Bicycle Festival ~ GRUB Fest ~ over Labor Day Weekend, September 4-7. The bike and the cyclist are celebrated at GRUB Fest. Whatever your riding preference you will find it amongst the smorgasbord of cycling venues to choose from. With over of 300 miles of roads, 100 miles of double and single track, recreational riding, racing, supported and unsupported rides to choose from on some of Utah’s least traveled and scenic roads. Join the fun in the new cycling Mecca of Minersville, a quaint and scenic hamlet in historic Beaver County; where the average elevation ranges from 5,000 to over 10,000 ft. and the average September temperature is 45°- 80°. Beaver County offers fishing, horseback riding, golf, swimming, hiking, in addition to the many biking opportunities GRUB Fest offers you. Choose from the tent or RV city or one of the local motels to stay at, choose from a wide array of food at the food court and enjoy the entertainment.

At the GRUB Fest you will meet new and old friends as you choose from a different fully supported Full, Metric, or Half Century ride each day, or cheer a friend at one of the stages of the 4 stage mountain race; ride some double or single track on your mountain bike to Utah’s largest wind farm or one of three geo-thermal power plants scattered among the thousands of acres of hills and plains, cheer on the racers during the 4 stage road race, join the bike parade, take a bike safety class, or take on all comers during a street race.

The Salt Lake Veterans Hospital Psychiatric Department will receive a minimum of $10 of every registration fee to help support their efforts to aid and comfort our veteran heroes. 100% of all additional donations go the VA Psychiatric Department.

Recreational Riding — Everyone that registers for the festival is free to ride to their heart’s content. There are over 300 miles of roads and over 100 miles of double and single track for you to explore. If you choose to ride on your own on the roads or dirt, we request that you check in with the information booth before & after you take off and let them know where you will be heading. This way we won’t be worried about you getting lost. The only restriction to riding on the roads is that day’s century route.

Century Rides — There will be a different fully supported full, metric, and half century ride each day. There will be fully stocked rest stops at least every 20 miles plus a lunch stop as well. SAG vehicles will patrol the route to lend mechanical, physical, or medical support if needed. Day one the Petroglyph route; Day 2 the Elk Meadow route; Day 3 the Wah Wah route.

4 Stage Mountain Bike Race — Join us for any one of the stages or all of them. Individual Time Trial (Stage 1); Super-D race (Stage 2); Short Track race (Stage 3); and Cross-Country race (Stage 4). Directed by Ron Lindley this race will challenge your skills and ability.

4 Stage Road Race — This USA Cycling 4 stage road race will give you a chance to test your fitness and ability on some challenging courses. 90 mile Road race (Stage 1); Individual Time Trial (Stage 2); Criterium race (Stage 3); and 60 mile Road race (Stage 4).

Clinics — There will be Downhill riding, Group riding skills, and Bike Safety clinics for adults and youth.

Bike Parade — Polish up your bike add a few streamers or don a costume and join us in a Bike Parade around Minersville and before the local populace.

Street Racing — Remember your youth as you join each evening for a session of Street Racing. You can challenge anyone you want to race to the next telephone pole.

Tent & RV City — Join the fun and enjoy our tent or RV cities . Reserve a 15×15 tent site or one of our pull through RV sites (no hook-ups). A great bargain at only $8 per person per night (Families $20 per night).

Motels — Nearby Beaver and Milford have several motels to choose from as well. Check our website for a list of local motels. When making reservations mention the GRUB Fest or Bike2Bike for special rates.

Pets— Sorry NO PETS

Entertainment — Enjoy the fun even more each evening with the local and regional talent. There will be music, singing , dancing and Fun, Fun, Fun!

Safety — All recreational riders must be aware of and obey the traffic laws of the state of Utah. The roadways along the course of this event are rural roads but are not closed. Be prepared to share the road with vehicular traffic. Use proper hand signals for all turns and stops, for the safety of drivers and your fellow riders. All riders are required to wear a helmet, and to ride single file, except for passing. All riders must be off the roads by 5:00pm.

Directions: Take I-15 to Beaver Exit, Take Main St to U-21, West 17 miles to Minersville.

Registration — Early registration is encouraged. However registration will be accepted up to and throughout the event weekend. Check-in hours will be Fri. 2 to 10 pm, Sat. & Sun. 6 am to 8 pm, Mon. 6:00 to 11:30 pm at the Beaver County Fairgrounds in Minersville

Racing License — All road racers must be licensed with the appropriate cycling organization. Mountain bike racers need not be licensed. One day USA Cycling licenses will be available.

Start of the ride: 2009-09-04
End of the ride: 2009-09-07

More Details: here

Levi Leipheimer’s King Ridge GranFondo

Location: Santa Rosa, California

Description: Join three-time Amgen Tour of California winner, Levi Leipheimer, for a fully-supported fall bicycle ride in some of the nation’s finest cycling country. Three different routes, ranging from a fairly flat 36 miles, to a very hilly 103 miles, capture the romance of Sonoma County’s most picturesque vineyards, towering redwoods, grassy meadows and coastal panoramas. In the tradition of the gran fondo, these are timed, non-competitive rides. Very strong, skilled riders may opt for the 103-mile GranFondo; the 65-mile MedioFondo is intended for riders with plenty of experience but who ride only once or twice a week; we suggest the gentle 36-mile PiccoloFondo for less experienced riders or those looking for an easy pedal through beautiful landscapes.

REGISTER AT LEVISGRANFONDO.COM. Registration fees are listed on event website.

Route: 1. GranFondo – 103 miles on a challenging mountainous course with outstanding coastal views
2. MedioFondo – 65 miles on a picturesque hilly course with fine coastal views
3. PiccoloFondo – 36 miles on a flat valley-floor course through redwood forests and vineyards

Start of the ride: 2009-10-03
End of the ride: 2009-10-03

More Details: here