Salt Lake Challenge 2010

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Description: Join the fun and take the CHALLENGE!

This exciting ride is unlike any other you have ridden. First of all this is a team event! So grab your friend, partner, son, or daughter and prepare together. Second there is no set course! We will tell you where you need to stop, but how you get there is up to you as long as you stay on the roads. There will be some roads you will not be allowed to use. Third there will be some secret stops you will learn about along the way! And Fourth at each stop you and your partner will need to conquer a unique, fun, and whacky challenge!

This ride can best be described as a scavenger hunt on wheels; but instead of collecting things you will do fun challenges.

Help Support Bike Education and Youth Cycling — B2B 4 Kids & the Salt Lake Bike Collective are non-profit organizations that both work with our youth & offer bike education to kids of all ages. B2B 4 Kids supports youth cycling clubs to encourage an active & fun cycling lifestyle plus educational & cultural opportunities through cycle touring. The Collective also offers bike repair classes to all & bikes to those in need.

The Details

Teams — This is a team event. Teams consist of two (2) riders. You may register as a Male, Female, Mixed, Youth, or Family team. Adults are 18 years old or older, Youth are less than 18, and Family is one adult at least 21 and a youth.

Distance — There will be 2 different distances to choose from. You may choose a course between 12 and 18 miles, or between 35 and 50 miles. The exact distance will be dependent on your planning, the routes you choose, and your luck when you discover the secret stops. Everyone will start and finish from the same point at Liberty Park.

The “Course” — the “course” or stops will not be announced until midnight May 3rd. The only publicly known point before this date is the start/finish. This is part of the Challenge! Getting from one point to the next in the shortest distance or amount of time, OR getting to a
point with the fewest number of people so you will not be delayed in conquering your Challenge. There will be certain roads and streets that you will not be allowed to use, anyone seen riding on these roads will be subject to a time penalty or disqualification.

Secret Stops — There will be between 1 and 3 stops where you will be given a clue to a secret unannounced stop. If you do not hand in your clue at the secret stops you will be given a time penalty.

The Challenge — Each challenge will be unique and require a demonstration of your ability to have fun and be silly. Challenges should test your bike riding skills, dexterity, marksmanship, balance, and ingenuity. A few of the challenges you will face are:
– Jousting Tire Rolling
– Horse Racing Walking the Plank

All Challenges will be exciting and fun!

Safety — All riders must be aware of and observe the traffic laws of the state of Utah. The roadways during this event will not be closed to vehicular traffic. Riders observed not obeying the laws will be penalized. All riders are required to wear a helmet, and to ride single file, except for passing.

Waiver — All Riders will be required to sign a waver during check-in. No one may sign for another rider (except guardians).

Date: May 10, 2010

Time: Long distance begins at 8:00 and Short distance begins at 9:00 am

Place: Liberty Park 800 So 680 East Salt Lake City East side.

Registration & Check-in — Early registration is encouraged, however registration will be accepted up to the morning of the event. Check our web site for early Check-in locations and times.

Please Note: Registration fees are nonrefundable and we will ride regardless of weather.

Start of the ride: 2010-05-08

More Details: here

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