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Mesquite West

Location: Mesquite, Nevada

Description: Head out of town on SR 170 which is Riverside Road. After about 15 miles it gets to the interstate and you have no choice but to turn around.

Comment: The ride is mostly rolling hills. It can get very hot, so you may want to ride early in the morning. The river is off to the north and makes for a nice view. Our ride was cut short due to road construction.

Details: here

New Route – Lake Tahoe

Location: Lake Tahoe, NV

Description: This rides starts at the California-Nevada line on the south side of the lake. It then heads clockwise around the lake back to the starting point.

Comments: The ride includes breathtaking scenery, challenging climbs and long down hill runs. I suggest that it’s best taken on as part of a group ride such as the Tour de Tahoe put together by Bike The West. There can be a lot of traffic on the narrow road that often lacks any shoulder and has many steep drop offs. Few rides offer this kind of scenary. It can be pretty chilly early in the morning, so you may want to dress warmly and carry something to shed layers as you progress.

Details: here